Upgrade your CMTS uBR7246VXR to Docsis 3.0

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Upgrade your CMTS uBR7246VXR to Docsis 3.0

05/18/2018 CMTS 0

If you have a CMTS Docsis 2.0 you can upgrade it to Docsis 3.0 

What equipment do you need to upgrade your CMTS?

First change the line card MC28u fro the MC88V which  is more powerful than the MC28U,  see the differences:


Then change the engine NPE-G1 for the:

Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine

With the introduction of the uBR7200-NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine, service providers can now take advantage of the enhanced performance and scalability of the uBR7246VXR Universal Broadband Router to maximize service and revenue generation. At 1.3 Mpps, the performance of the uBR7200-NPE-G2 is double that of the uBR7200- NPE-G1. This enhancement enables service providers to offer higher speed data services and also to increase the number of VoIP sessions that each uBR7246VXR can support.

The uBR7200-NPE-G2 (see Figure 1) is the newest and most powerful engine on the uBR7246VXR. Some highlights of this board include:

●   Increased processing capacity to meet the growing performance demand and extreme flexibility to introduce new services

●   Investment protection for existing uBR7246VXR customers through incremental processor upgrades

●   Sufficient spare processing power enabling future compatibility with uBR7200VXR next generation cable linecards and advanced software features

●   Ability to measure digital diagnostics data from the Small Form-Factor Pluggable interfaces, providing customers with enhanced troubleshooting capability

Finally add a fan to your CMTS 

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